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Entries close on the Monday before first matches. Draws up on Wednesday before first matches.

Games to be played on stated day, or prior by arrangement by skips. If a team is unable to play on stated day or arrange another time, that team must default. 

Qualifying rounds for fours 

Round 1 Sat 30th September AM.

Round 2 Sat 30th September PM
Round 3 Sun 1st October PM

Post section fours             

Saturday 7th November AM

Saturday 7th October PM

Final fours

Saturday 16th December PM

Qualifying rounds for triples 

Round 1 Sat 4th November PM 

Round 2 Sat 11th November PM
Round 3 Sat 18th November PM

Post section triples       

Saturday 25th November AM 

Saturday 25th November PM

Final triples
Saturday 16
th December PM (On or before)

Qualifying rounds for Pairs 

Round 1 Sat 27th January PM 

Round 2 Sat 10th February PM
Round 3 Sat 2nd March PM

Post section pairs

Sat 9th March PM 

Sat 16th March PM

Final pairs
Sat 23rd
 March P

Qualifying rounds for Singles

Round 1 Sat 2nd December PM 

Round 2 Sun 3rd December AM
Round 3 Sun 3rd December PM

Post section Singles

Saturday 9th December PM 

Saturday 20th January PM

Final Singles
Saturday 23rd
 March PM (On or before)

Knockout rounds for Singles Under 5s

Round 1 Sat 14th October PM 

Round 2 Sat 28th October PM

Final Singles Under 5s

To be confirmed


Knockout rounds for Singles Under 2s

Round 1 Sat 24th February AM 

Round 2 Sat 24th February PM

Final Singles Under 2s

Sunday 25th February AM 

Sunday 25th February PM (as required)

Knockout rounds for Mixed Pairs

Round 1 Sat 6th April AM & PM 

Round 2 Sun 7th April AM & PM

Final Mixed Pairs

Saturday 20th April PM (On or before)


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