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All bowls will be under supervision and bowlers must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Traveling to the Club

    • Please respect the needs of others also when necessary

    • If you are unwell or feel unwell, please stay at home

    • Please consider any local and regional travel restrictions in place at the time

  • Temporary Culture Changes

    • Do not shake hands with others before or after a game

    • Ensure only the skip handles the scorecards at all times when necessary

    • Please do not drink directly from the water fountain, use the bottle refill option only

    • Do not pick up other players' bowls

    • Chalk boards only to be used, no number flippers

  • Sanitizing

    • Mats and jacks need to be sanitized before and after play

    • Spray sanitizers available for use during play

    • Club Bowls and Carriers are to be sanitized before and after use​

  • Spacing & Separation

    • Play will be allowed on each of 8 rinks, 3.9 metres wide

    • This will allow for adequate player separation of 1 metre.

    • Please respect the hazard tape markings

    • To ensure adequate player separation only one player in the mat area for each bowl

  • Play​ Times & Orders
    • Saturday tournament play will be from the clubrooms to BP, all rollups & coaching, the other way

    • Rollups for members & others permitted each day

      • 10am – midday &

      • 1pm – 3pm

    • All names to be registered on the daily register with duty person - up to 6 players per rink

    • Green Fees of $5 per player apply to non-members

  • Tuesday & Thursday Afternoons 1 - 3pm

    • Organized team rollups, 1pm – 3pm with all names recorded on the daily register with the duty person for these events (Margaret Bunce or other)

  • Coaching Sessions

    • All names to be registered with the duty coach

    • Tuesdays

      • 9am – 10am (3 years and up)

      • 10.30am – 11.30am (beginners and 1-2 year)

    • ​Sundays

      • 9.30am – 10.30am

  • Enforcement Responsibilities & Requirements for Opening

    • The duty person of each session will ensure that the above conditions are adhered to

    • For any further information or clarification please contact

Request of Members

Volunteer as a General Rollup Duty Person - 2 hr sessions

With our winter programme due to commence under level 2 restrictions we require a number of members to make themselves available as a duty person for two-hour sessions to ensure that the strict conditions outlined above are adhered to by all bowlers.

This is not an onerous task but extremely essential for us to operate under (hopefully) level 2 conditions only.

  • This request relates to general rollups only, not organized bowls and tournaments

  • This is to ensure that the ongoing good health & safety of all bowlers is maintained

Please respond by email to the club and advise when you can assist, we will contact you back with more detail and advise further.

All conditions as above with tournaments to start the first Saturday in June.


Spacing & Physical Separation

  • Play will allow for

    • 8 rinks,

    • 3.9 metres wide to allow for

    • up to 6 players per rink - Triples Play

  • This will allow for adequate player separation of 1 metre.

  • Please respect the hazard tape markings

  • Play & Drawings

    • Tournament play will be from the clubrooms towards BP

    • Each tournament will be pre-drawn to eliminate unnecessary contact

    • Cash prizes and raffles will continue

  • Food

    • Please bring your own food for lunches and after match.

    • We cannot offer nibbles but complimentary tea & coffee will be available

  • Equipment

    • Please ensure to bring your own pen & any equipment you may require during the day

Entry Fees for Tournament in June, July & August (possibly September)

  • Fees

    • $180 for masters teams and

    • $90 for Under 5s teams

  • Payment​

    • To ensure the minimum of contact we ask for the entry fees to be paid in full and in advance by direct credit to our bank.

    • SBS Papanui 03-1355-0714760-00

      • Include your name and applicable tournament as a reference

  • Make up sessions

    • We intend to also play into September in the event of bad weather during these months or to replace the tournaments lost in May.

    • We will review the situation in August

  • Other winter options

    • In addition, we can offer Winter memberships to members of other clubs at a cost of $60 per person which would alleviate the need for green fees if you wish to have a rollup at any other time.

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